English for kids from 5 to 14 years old

Learning a foreign language is easier if you start young. Melting Pot Lucca provides classes for children as young as 5 years old, with age-based groups.

A mother tongue teacher is an important resource for our young learners: children are able to learn through games and creative activities, while constantly being immersed in an English-speaking environment. By playing in English they will have the opportunity to develop language skills in a fun and very effective way.

Groups begin from a minimum of 3 participants to a maximum of 6. Classes stem from definite topics, games and activities foster vocabulary-building and pronunciation while grammar and syntax rules are naturally assimilated through the English full immersion.

It’s possible to get a class membership to save on expenses.

Italian for kids from 5 to 14 years old

It can be hard for children to adjust at first, when moving to a foreign country, especially when they don’t speak the language; of course local schools help tremendously with integration and language learning. But is it possible to avoid the immediate culture shock? 

Melting Pot Lucca provides afternoon classes for children, designed to encourage speaking in Italian through games and activities, to help them dive into the Italian language and culture. It can be overwhelming for a child to be in an Italian-speaking only environment, our teachers speak English and are trained to make the transition easier.

During the school year, Melting Pot Lucca can be a great help for children and parents alike. In regular school classes tend to be bigger, so it’s often difficult for teachers to cater to each child’s needs, that’s why having an after school Italian support can be an important tool. Your child can take one, two or even three classes a week, alone or in small groups of international children (up to 6), where we will review school topics but mostly focus on vocabulary and pronunciation through fun and creative activities.

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Subscription plans

Children’s classes 5-10 years old
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Subscription plans

Pre-teens’ classes 11-14 years old

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When enrolling in the school a one-time annual insurance of €20 must be added to the enrollment cost.

Family discount

If several members of your family enroll in our classes at the same time you are entitled to a discount*:

*excluding insurance expenses
To qualify for a discount you must pay for all family members’ classes at the same time.
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